Published October 11, 2017

Tired of Bad Delivery Drivers? Robot Food Delivery Coming Soon

WALL-E(AT) Coming to an office near you

By Dan Entwistle


Are you tired of food delivery drivers cutting you up on the road, shutting the lift doors on you, and shouting down the phone in your building? If so,’s recently announced robot delivery solution could be the answer to your prayers.


Revealed earlier this week in Hongqiao, the new robot is designed to work in office buildings and is the company’s latest step towards a completely human-free food delivery system.




The deliverbot is designed to stop delivery drivers having to run around office buildings, searching for the correct recipient. Instead, the driver simply drops the food off with the robot at the front door before it’s shuttles the food up quietly to the correct office.


At present, the trial unit has only been installed at the Hongqiao Vanke Centre and is just capable of delivering three meals at a time, rendering it effectively useless for a large office block full of hungry workers.



When you notice you haven't been getting your food deliveries for a few weeks and check the delivery robot told journalists at the unveiling that WALL-E(AT) (our name, not there's) is the next step in the company’s plan to remove humans from the delivery service, having announced a delivery drone concept earlier this year. The company also claimed that they believe they'll be able to roll out a fully automated service within three to five years.



JD's very own package delivery robot


In June this year, online e-commerce site announced a similar concept, launching trial delivery robots at several university campuses across China. According to the company, their robots are capable of mapping out their routes using a GPS, avoiding obstacles and messaging the package's recipients when they are 100 meters away from their destination.


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