Published January 05, 2018

Trump "Pictured Xi Jinping as a Woman" During 2017 Meeting

By Joe Buddha

A new book revealing intimate details of US President Trump’s first year in office claims that The Donald was instructed to picture Chinese leader Xi Jinping as a woman during a 2017 meeting.


According to excerpts seen by The Guardian, Michael Wolff’s new book, Fire and Fury reveals how US aides attempted to train Trump on how to deal with the Chinese leader in the days leading up to their first meeting at the President’s Mar-a-Lago golf club in Florida.




During the course of their preparation, aides discovered that the US President was having trouble remembering how to pronounce President Xi’s family name, frequently referring to him as “Mr X-i.”


In order to resolve this problem, Wolff claims “the President was told to think of him as a woman, and call him ‘she,’” as the name Xi (习) in Mandarin sounds similar to the English word “she.”


Evidently the preparation paid off as Trump was invited to Beijing in late 2018 where he enjoyed what the Chinese called a “state visit plus”. During his trip, Trump enjoyed a visit to the Forbidden City and showed off his granddaughter’s Mandarin skills while his wife Melania took in the sights at The Great Wall.


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