Published September 13, 2017

Trump To Visit China In November This Year

By Jordan Harris


Prepare the eggs, or flowers depending on your opinion of the latest addition to the US President pool, according to reliable sources President Donald Trump will be visiting China in November later this year. The US leader is expected to fly out to Asia to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and Association of South East Asian Nations summits which will be held in Vietnam and the Philippines in November. Now it looks like he'll be making a detour to the Middle Kingdom too.


Trump has had a pretty rocky relationship with China so far to say the least. The US president has gone from angry twitter posts berating the country late last year to forming a bilateral bromance with President Xi on his visit to Florida and back to his angry twitter posts attacking the country for their 'failed attempts to control North Korea' and a whole lot more drama in between.


It's pretty certain the Hermit Kingdom will be one of the main agendas for their talks in the next meeting, after their relentless missile and nuclear testing. 


President Xi had invited the Trumpster for a state visit to China during their meetings in the US, although nothing came of it at the time. It's unclear where and for how long Trump will be visiting, but most likely will be in Beijing. No doubt the Donald will rekindle the Xi-Trump bromance again once the two meet up next.



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