Published July 17, 2017

Uber Pulls Out of Macao

Things are going from bad to worse for the ride-hailing company

By Amay Aggarwal


After much speculation and years of battle, Uber is finally pulling out of Macao. Fortunately, Hong Kong operations will remain unaffected.


“We’re letting you know that as of 23:59 on July 21, Uber will temporarily suspend its ride-sharing operations in Macao,” the company said on its website.


Earlier last year, several rumours arose stating that the company was intending to pull out of Macao, after their drivers had been fined over US$1.25 million. The Macao government has been firmly against Uber since they first launched in the former Portuguese colony, with the Secretary for Security stating that the ride-sharing service violated local laws.



Macao taxis once again have a monopoly on the island


However, Uber soon cut back on its plans to move out from the city after receiving a lot of support in the form of protests, and an online petition with over 23,000 signatures asking the company to remain in the country. Protesters accused the authorities of protecting the local taxi trade with poor transport policies, holding signs that read ““We need Uber, no more tickets.”


In a statement last year, the company said: “After much deliberation, Uber will continue to serve the riders and drivers of Macao. The unprecedented amount of support we received over the past few weeks has been overwhelming.”


Just under a year later, Uber has followed through on its plans to pull out from the Macao region. We’ll keep you updated with the latest developments as we get them.


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