Published January 08, 2018

Visit Quzhou's Top Sites For Free 243 Days a Year

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“Picturesque Zhejiang·Gifts from Quzhou”-News Conference on Visiting Quzhou for Globally Free in 2018 was held in Shanghai on 28 December. Cheng Meihong, the vice director of Tourism Administration of Shanghai, Yang Jianwu, the vice director of Tourism Administration of Zhejiang Province and Lyu Yuelong, the deputy mayor of Quzhou and etc. were present at the conference. Meanwhile, media at home and abroad, consulates situated in Shanghai, state-owned enterprises and representatives of large-scale tourism agencies were invited to attend.


Located in the west of Zhejiang Province, Quzhou, a city in the marginal center of four provinces, namely Zhejiang Province, Anhui Province, Fujian Province and Jiangxi Province, is the vital node where Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, West-straits Economic Zone and Central Development Region meet. With sound ecological environment, Quzhou is a place gathering talents. Home to the rich tourism resource, Quzhou is regarded as the Founder of Demonstration Plot of National All-for-one Tourism, the National Ecological Demonstration Area and the Outstanding Tourism City in China. On 19 May 2017, the activity called “Visiting Quzhou for Globally Free” was carried out for the very first time. After determining 59 open days for tourism and opening 13 core scenic spots for free, approximately 3 million people all around the world have been attracted.



The longing for a wonderful life is exactly what we chase after. To make tourism available for all who are entitled to enjoy leisure and tourism, “Visiting Quzhou for Globally Free” will be upgraded comprehensively in 2018: except for China legal holidays and weekends, 13 charged core scenic spots in Quzhou will be opened for free for tourists at home and abroad. Those spots are as follows: Lankeshan Mountain, Yaowangshan Mountain, Tianjilongmen, Long You Grottoes,  Residential Estates, Jianglangshan Mountain, Xianxiaguan, Nianbadu, Qingyang Village, Fugaishan Mountain, Sanqu Stone Forest, Root Palace Buddhist Cultural Tourism Zone and Source of Qianjiang River. The free period is increased from 59 days in 2017 to 243 days per year. In addition, top-grade free scenic spots, such as Shuitingjie Street, Ulm Cathedral, Colorful Rainbow-like and Lotus Modern Agricultural Park, and rural tourism spots that can be found all around Quzhou, are also included in the activity, making the activity basically cover the whole city. All tourists in the world can visit Quzhou for free, if providing valid certificates, such as ID card, regardless of their income, status, age and gender.



It is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar. As the residence for the descendants of sage Confucius, Quzhou is a place where people have truthful words and act sincerely and respectably, devoting to share with the global tourists the most beautiful, high-end and representative tourist attractions, to provide more perfect and considerate tourism services with more humanistic concerns. “Gifts from Quzhou” is performed in every aspect, such as strict selection of scenic spots, insurances offering as gifts for those visiting scenic spots and thorough regulations on tourism market orders.



To explore more and step further, Quzhou also invited several academic and professional experts to share their opinions on the activity-“Visiting Quzhou for Globally Free”. Meanwhile, special promotions for investment attraction for tourism projects have been held to create distinct and attractive tourism products with rich formats. While continuing to deepen “Visiting Quzhou for Globally Free”, Quzhou will break through the economic barrier of entrance tickets, speed up whole-industry development and push forward co-construction and sharing of all-for-one tourism, trying the best to realize the fine wish, “all scenic spots covering the whole city for totally free”, within the period of “thirteen five-years plan”.