Published July 17, 2017

Wearable Air Conditioning Now Available in China

Time to kiss that Beijing Bikini Goodbye

By Amay Aggarwal


Yeah you read that right. Welcome to the future.


With temperatures expected to hit a whopping 40 degrees in Shanghai this week, I don’t know about you, but I sure ain’t Summer Lovin’. Fortunately, an innovative new development in China might be the ‘coolest’ way to beat the heat (sorry).




China Aerospace and Industry Corporation recently announced that it has created a wearable air conditioning vest, using technology that was initially developed for the nation’s space program. The device consists of three parts: a fluorescent cooling vest, a battery, and a chiller unit.




We don’t yet know where we can grab one, or how much it costs, but one thing we do know is that it is sure to attract some attention from the ladies. I mean who doesn’t love bright fluorescent vests?


The device has already hit the market, and we hope to get our hands on one soon. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we come across it.


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