Published October 11, 2017

Woman Beaten By Driver Over Fear of Bad Review

By Dan Entwistle


A female student in Hainan was hospitalised by an driver last week over fears that she would complain to the driver’s company about his slow delivery time.


The student, identified only as Ms He was preparing for her graduate entrance exam at Hainan Normal University on October 7th when she decided to order take-out with her friends. Ms He ordered the food at 18:07 and by 20:20 it still hadn’t arrived.


“I called the driver several times and asked him to hurry up,” said Ms He, “but all he did was spit obscenities down the phone at me.”



Ms He's University


By 20:20 Ms He decided to give up on the driver and instead cycled ten minutes down the road to the restaurant to pick up the food herself. Once she arrived, she received a phone call from the delivery driver who asked her to wait for him at the entrance to the restaurant.


Once the driver arrived, Ms He asked him his name before the situation went south. “I asked him what his name was and the delivery driver angrily asked if I was going to report him.”


As soon as the driver finished asking Ms He if she was going to report him, he took his bike lock and smashed it down on her head.


2017-09-28T063701Z_1_LYNXNPED8R0E4_RTROPTP_0_CHINA-DELIVERY-ACCIDENTS_1_0.jpg drivers


“When the lock hit me I was dazed,” said Ms He. “I didn’t know what to do other than squat down and cover my head. Luckily the restaurant manager quickly saw what was happening and restrained the guy before he could continue hitting me.”


Ms He was quickly taken to the hospital where she was given 14 stitches and was presented with a bill for over ¥2,000. The driver was able to break free from the manager and has still not been tracked down.


Police are currently working together with to investigate the matter.


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