Published December 05, 2017

World's Biggest Starbucks To Open In Shanghai Tomorrow

By Jordan Harris


Starbucks will open their biggest cafe ever tomorrow in our very own city, the Starbucks Reserve Roastery Shanghai has a whopping 30,000 square-feet of space and is around 300 times bigger than the average Starbucks store.


The new concept store located on Nanjing Xi Lu will be the second reserve roastery after it first debuted in Starbucks' hometown of Seattle back in 2014. The Shanghai version is said to be almost twice the size of its Seattle counterpart, Starbucks themselves have dubbed the new location as "the largest, most beautiful Starbucks location in the world".


06 1.jpg


In case you're wondering what this mammoth of a Starbucks will offer, here's some differences to a normal branch of the coffee chain:


The store will have three 'coffee bars' the largest of which will 88 feet long, these will allow coffee addicts to sample a wide array of beverages and coffees unavailable anywhere else. A total of 100 beverages will be on offer, including a much larger range of teas, something more specific to the Shanghai branch. 


A much larger array of food and pastries will be on offer, many provided by Italian bakery chain Princi who have partnered with the coffee giant. Much of the food will also be made fresh in-house rather than being shipped there. 


A huge 40-ton roasting cask will be the centerpiece of the store. Visitors will be able to see the process of how green coffee beans are turned into the popular beverage as you can watch the beans during the roasting process. 




This new gargantuan coffee shop is a perfect symbol of Starbucks' success and growth in the Middle Kingdom. The coffee chain now has over 3,000 stores in 136 cities including more than 600 in Shanghai alone and they're not stopping there. Chief Executive Officer Kevin Johnson has previously stated that China is on course to be the company’s largest market in less than a decade. 


Similar Starbucks Reserve Roastery branches are on track to open in New York, Milan, Tokyo and Chicago in the near future.You can find the Shanghai location at 789 Nanjing Xi Lu (南京西路789号) and expect hoards of coffee addicts in their first few weeks.


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