Published August 10, 2017

World's Top 20 High-Tech Cities Includes Three From China

By Jordan Harris


A list of the top high-tech cities of the world was recently published by Business Insider, including three cities from China that made the cut. The study was compiled by research firm 2thinknow who specialize in analyzing the most innovative and technologically advanced cities of the world. 


The firm used ten different factors to figure out which cities were currently using and creating the most cutting edge technology such as number of patents filed per capita, startups, tech venture capitalists, ranking in other innovation datasets, and level of smartphone use. They then used the information collected to compile a list of the top 85 high-tech capitals of the world.


Shanghai came at 17th place, slightly edged out by Beijing which was China's most high-tech city at 16th. Shenzhen also came at a respectable 20th place and Hong Kong made the top 25, coming in at 22nd. Beijing has climbed a whopping 15 places compared to last years study which ranked the city at 31st.


Here's the list of the 20 most high-tech cities of the world:


20. Shenzhen, China

19. Bangalore, India

18. Montreal, Canada

17. Shanghai, China

16. Beijing, China

15. Amsterdam, Netherlands

14. Vancouver, Canada

13. Stockholm, Sweden

12. Tokyo, Japan

11. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

10. Chicago, Illinois

9. Toronto, Canada

8. Singapore

7. Boston, Massachusetts

6. Seoul, South Korea

5. Taipei, Taiwan

4. Los Angeles, California

3. London, England

2. New York, New York

1. San Francisco, California


San Francisco coming in at number one was certainly not a surprise with it being the home of Silicon Valley, the undisputed tech capital of the world. However we feel like China's cities have come along leaps and bounds in the tech industry recently, leading the world with mobile payments and innovative start-ups such as the renowned shared bikes that have flooded the country. And don't forget the fastest super-computer in the world... Surely feats like this deserve a place in the top ten? Maybe next year China.



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