Published September 08, 2017

WTF?! China Bans Importing Cheese


By Jordan Harris


Bad news for everyone that loves cheese. China has enacted a ban on the golden dairy of the gods ... Certain cheese products are being blocked from being imported into the Middle Kingdom for the time being due to 'containing too much bacteria'.


Luckily the cheese ban won't effect all cheeses, mostly soft cheeses such as Brie and Camembert. A letter was leaked from a large food distributor based in Shanghai called Sinodis telling of the ban to a select few of its customers. “we received an announcement from the Chinese official authorities saying that some cheese products containing certain moulds temporarily cannot be imported in China.” going on to state they have "stopped all importation of the involved products since August 23.”


Some of the affected cheeses include :


Fourme d’Ambert

Chevre Sainte Maure







Vieux Pané

Saint Nectaire

Perail Papillon




Stocks of these cheese are still intact for most places but could run out soon due to the recent import ban. It's unclear how long the ban will last or even if it will become permanent (god forbid). Sources say it will be until the government establishes appropriate guidelines for such cheeses and their bacteria levels. Hopefully they can hurry it up a little so we can still get our cheese fix. Or we'll start seeing expat smuggling rings and black market cheese trading.


Cheeses unaffected by the ban include mozzarella and hard cheeses such as Manchego, Gruyère and Cheddar. 


In 2014 China banned all imports of British cheeses after food inspectors complained about the hygiene standards at a dairy in the UK. The ban was lifted around a month later. 



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