Published December 04, 2017

Xi'an To Chengdu High-Speed Rail Goes Into Operation This Wed

By Jordan Harris

China's latest high-speed rail line spanning from Chengdu to Xi'an will go into operation this Wednesday, officials announced yesterday. Trains on the new railway will have a top speed of 250km/h shortening the original route to a whopping four times as quick, from a journey that would take at least 12 hours down to just over three. 


According to People's Daily a total of nineteen trains are scheduled to run in each direction per day during the initial opening phase. The new line will enable visitors to take day trips between the two cities, something that has been impossible until now as only slower trains were available between the two cities taking from 12-16 hours. 


The fastest trains in the first initial phase will be at just over 4 hours and ticket prices are 263 kuai for a second class seat.


Back in 2010 the line was first approved for construction by the State Development and Planning Commission and started work the next month, however difficult terrain has made the construction of the line a slow process. 92% of the line is said to be made up of tunnels and bridges most of which have been built as the railway traverses the Qinling mountain range. Six of the tunnels along the line are other 10km in length.


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