Published September 11, 2017

Yet Another Super Typhoon To Hit China

By Ben Cost

As if the myriad typhoons and hurricanes over the past month haven't been enough to convince you that the world is ending, yet another storm system is headed toward China.


Typhoon Talim is forecast to to develop into a super typhoon (category 3 or stronger) and sweep over both Taiwan and Hong Kong on Wednesday or Thursday, possibly triggering a signal 1, before winging its way toward the Mainland.


The island will likely absorb the brunt of the storm, which is expected to weaken substantially before it hits China proper. Shanghai is forecast to experience rainstorms from Thursday to Saturday while Guangdong is expected to be hot and sultry during the latter half of the week due to being in the periphery of the storm.


Thank god, as Southern China is still reeling from getting buffeted by three typhoons in less than three weeks.


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