Published February 17, 2017

You'll Be Able To Access Wi-Fi Anywhere In China By 2025, Maybe

By shanghaiexpateditor

Tired of having to engage in horrible activities like reading and interacting with other humans during plane and train trips? Never fear; China's deputy head of it's satellite program announced earlier that the Middle Kingdom plans to establish a system of advanced communications satellites by 2025 that will allow people to use WiFi "anywhere and anytime," including on bullet trains and planes. 

The network will start with six powerful communication satellites slated to be sent into orbit this year. The first of which, Shijian-13, will be launched sometime in April, and will purportedly be China's most powerful communications satellite yet, capable of transmitting 20 gigabytes of data per second. The deputy chief designer, Wang Min, explained that this was China's first high-throughput satellite (HTS), able to relay data at many times the speed of traditional fixed satellite services (FSS). 

Here's to hoping it will also start to bump up the syrupy internet speeds across the country as well. 

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