Published November 06, 2017

Australian Baby-Dunking Video Sparks Outcry In China

By Ben Cost

Ever wonder how Aussies get to be goanna-skinned good old boys who can choke out Cadillac-sized crocodiles all while cracking a gap-toothed smile? This video of an instructor in Perth, Australia, teaching a nine-month old baby to swim by dropping him head-first into the pool might explain why. 


Yep, it was baptism by water for the baby, named Max, who was taught to swim at the aptly-named Kid Aquatic Survival School in Quinn Rocks, Western Australia by getting dunked in deep end. As you can see from the video, the instructor, Daria, dangles him precariously above the water like a croc trainer with a live chicken before dropping him in. 



Max flounders for a few moments before instinctively turning over and floating on his back (above). Where was the mother during all of this? Filming the whole thing of course! She commented, "Traditional swimming lessons teach your child that there is an edge to hold onto and arms to reach out for, but what happens when there isn't an edge and they can't find the side?" Hence why "Max attended the school on weekdays for ten minutes over an eight-week period." 


Naturally, her methods have ignited a firestorm of controversy online, especially on the Chinese web, where the video has garnered nine million views and 5,000 comments. Said one user, "Swimming in winter and putting the baby upside down in the water is called education in Australia or the US but might be called abuse in China." Another added, "Chinese grannies will swear after watching," referencing the bubble-wrapped world of today's Chinese youth. We know, right? Clearly the safer method is to leave them in the locker unattended while the adults go swimming.....


However, not all thought the "sink or swim" technique was so bad with @Zhujiaohongpaoyed commenting, "Babies instinctively like water. Swimming is fetuses’ instinct when they are in the womb."


Next up: Self-defense against bullying training by putting your kid in a ring with Jon Jones with razor-wire wrapped gloves. 


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