Published October 30, 2017

Buffalo Rams Pregnant Woman In China Shop

What a f***ing beat down!

By Tom Miller

A pregnant woman's shopping trip took a turn for the terrifying after a huge, enraged buffalo charged into the store and bowled her over. Reports say that the wild animal had been scheduled to be slaughtered but escaped its owners and decided to take off into a heavily populated area. According to Pear Video, the incident occurred in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, on October 26.




Supermarket CCTV shows the young lady, said to be several months pregnant, running away from the bull. However, it catches her and rams her with its horns into shelves.




Afterwards, the pregnant mother later was lifted out of the supermarket on a stretcher. Apparently she is in stable condition, just shaken up by the frightening incident. It’s unclear at this time if her unborn baby was harmed. The buffalo was eventually captured, however, police have not confirmed whether they've put down the animal or submitted the video for the NFL's Hardest Hits Of 2017.




The owners of the wild animal are yet to be identified, but they are expected to compensate the woman for any injuries.




Watch below:


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