Published June 01, 2017

Chinese Woman Rips Off Camel's Fur As Souvenir At Dalian Zoo

By Jordan Harris


An old Chinese woman has sparked outcry across the nation for ripping fur off a camel and stuffing it in her handbag at a zoo in Dalian. Signs at the zoo clearly state that visitors are forbidden to touch the animals, however that didn't stop this woman from getting her camel fur souvenir. Luckily the camels were molting at the time hence why the fur pulled off so easily and didn't appear to cause much harm to the animal.


A video of the act shows surrounding visitors clearly disapproving of her behavior. Netizens followed suit with ones posting, “are you going to use it to knit a scarf?” Another accused her of using her old age to get away with the crime.


The zoo has since issued a statement about the incident, confirming that no injury had been caused to the camel and that the park's security and surveillance would be increased to prevent further such incidents from happening.


China often sees similar cases of animal mistreatment at zoos; recently one numpty was seen throwing rocks at kangaroos cause he wanted to see them 'hop.' It calls to question whether stricter laws and punishments should be implemented at such animal parks around the country. 


Watch the footage here:

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