Published November 06, 2017

Did You Know: There’s a Toy Story Hotel in Shanghai?

By Dan Entwistle


While many trek all the way out to Shanghai Disney to visit the park and shovel down a hearty meal at The Cheesecake Factory, there’s so much more to to explore, from Aurora on top of the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, to Wishing Star Park, or even the Toy Story Hotel.


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Situated just a short shuttle bus ride from the Disney subway station, The Toy Story Hotel is a must visit for overseas guests staying a few days at the resort or for those looking to get a bit of Disney magic without having to shell out the big bucks for a park ticket.




Unlike the more formal Disneyland Hotel, the Toy Story Hotel has a much more childish, fun feel to it. Every part of the building incorporates characters from the movie, toys, pencils and even storyboard artwork from the movie in the public areas. Outside, guests can snap pictures with giant statues of Woody, Buzz and an alien spaceship.


In the rooms there are a bunch of freebies for guests to take home, including Toy Story toiletries, a tote bag, Woody and Buzz themed slippers, and more. The TVs in the room also have a range on-demand free Disney movies for you to watch as well.


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If your kids are dying to get their hands on some Woody merch, the hotel is also the only place in the resort dedicated to Toy Story figurines, bags, and all that other collectible stuff you’ve come to associate with Disney.




Rooms at the hotel are available from ¥850 a night and guests can enjoy guaranteed access to the park, the free transfer of merch purchased in the park direct to your hotel room and more.


Find it:  Shanghai Disney Resort, 360 West Shendi Road, Shanghai


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