Published August 08, 2017

Employees Forced To Drink Toilet Water For Underperforming

By Tom Miller

Have you ever underperformed so badly at work that you’ve been forced to drink toilet water? No? Me neither.


A video has been circulating online of employees of a photography studio in Guang’an in Sichuan province being made to drink toilet water. Apparently this debasement and disgusting act was punishment for underperformance at work.


The man and woman were filmed scooping shi**y water into plastic cups and downing the contents as though they were ice cold beer. The looks on their faces tell us everything we need to know. The bloke hesitates and looks sickened as he stoops down to fill his chalice of crap. The woman definitely looks as though she’s about to cry before she finds her inner frat boy and chugs with gusto.


The Beijing News reports that the female employee complained of suffering from severe diarrhea after the punishment and couldn’t even eat rice without wanting to throw up. Apparently the police have got involved and have made one arrest in connection with this brutal punishment.


The video was uploaded to the employee WeChat group before it was leaked online, where it quickly circulated.A manager at the company claims that the video was not recorded at the company, and was merely circulated on WeChat as a way of "motivating" staff to work harder.


To any future manager of mine…please don’t make me do this!


Vid below (VPN)


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