Published June 06, 2017

Huge Blast In Shandong Kills 8, Injures 9

By Jordan Harris


An explosion at a petrochemical plant in Shandong Province killed a total of eight people and injured nine yesterday. The huge blast happened in the early hours of the morning. Fortunately, ambulances and fire engines were sent out as soon as onlookers witnessed the fires. Emergency staff discovered one of the bodies early in the day and happened upon seven more found later on. Damage to the factory, Jinyu Petrochemical is extensive.


An individual allegedly responsible for the accident has been detained and is currently in custody awaiting investigation. The explosion came from a gas tanker, which sparked widespread fires over the factory. It's yet unclear why the tanker blew up however it's assumed to stem from a lax in safety precautions. 


Industrial accidents like these most often occur due to workers overlooking basic safety issues or cutting corners. Back in 2015, the country experienced its worst industrial accident of all time when improperly stored chemicals at Tianjin port sparked a series of explosions, killing 173 people.


Footage of the factory fires from the Shandong blast can be seen here:

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