Published August 26, 2017

Interview: Comedian Adam Hunter Of MMA Roasted

By Ben Cost

Adam Hunter is a US standup comic who headlines all over the country and has appeared on Jay Leno's "Tonight Show," Chelsea Lately and many more. He also hosts the bi-weekly MMA Roasted podcast, where he fearlessly puts the world's most dangerous fighters on the turnspit. Now he's taking his comedy stylings to Shanghai for the first time, where he will be performing a free show at Cages at 9pm tonight. We caught up to Hunter to ask him a few questions about comedy, MMA and the upcoming Mayweather-McGregor superfight. 


Tell us about the Shanghai gig. Is this you first time in Shanghai?


This is my first time in Shanghai. I'm really excited to be here. I've been to Asia before--I've done shows for the US Mlitary in Korea, Japan, Guam and Singapore but never China. 


I remember hearing about UFC like 20 years ago…and it was pretty underground almost like porn. Now it’s in China. Could you ever imagine that? Why do you think it has such international appeal?


It's such an amazing sport. It's great that everyone has finally caught on. There was always people wondering "Who would win in a fight...Mike Tyson or Bruce Lee"--etc. Mixed Martial Arts answered those types of questions. I love watching it and have so much respect for the amazing athletes involved.


How’d you get into interviewing/roasting MMA fighters? Do you have an MMA background?


I wrestled in HS and college. I loved the sport of wrestling (I still coach now). MMA is kind of like the Major Leagues for amateur wrestling. I got into Roasting MMA Fighters because I was writing sketches for the MMA Awards and some of my sketches went viral. The UFC then hired me to Roast Fighters on videos promoting the upcoming events. I started a podcast where I interviewed fighters and then got hired by Fox Sports to do a 'Texts From Last Fight' segment every event. 


I see a lot of these MMA and comedy pairings…you, Jim Norton of UFC Unfiltered. Why do so many comedians gravitate towards the MMA world. Are there similarities? Matt Serra said on UFC Unfiltered that standup comedy was the scariest thing he ever attempted. 


MMA and stand up have a lot in common. You are alone, you are as good as what you put in and you are really competing against yourself. In order to be a good stand up and a good fighter you have to be a good problem solver. 


You ever get nervous roasting MMA fighters? Like they’re going to go all Siegfried and Roy’s tigers and rip your head off.


Sometimes. It's hard when I know the fighters and are personally good friends with them. But I do it out of love and also set some boundaries for myself. 


Thoughts on the UFC Shanghai card? Predictions for Silva vs. Gastelum?


Gastelum wins this. He only loses to the scale. 


Predictions for McGregor vs. Mayweather? Are you going to be in Shanghai for that?


Yes I can't wait to watch it in China. Check out my Roasted Video on that:


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The only way Mayweather loses is with Coach Edmund in his corner. 




9pm, Saturday, August 26. Cages 3/F, 428 Jiangning Lu (near Wuding Lu) 江宁路428号3楼 (近武定路)