Published April 10, 2017

Luxembourg Staffer Threatens to "F*** Up" Shanghai Man

By Joe Buddha


Luxembourg’s Consulate General in Shanghai was forced to issue a statement today after a video featuring one of its staffers went viral on Chinese social media last week.


The video, posted on Weibo on Friday, shows a confrontation between a Shanghainese man and woman late at night in the middle of a road. In the video, a female passenger in a car with diplomatic license plates can be seen using vile Shanghainese profanities to abuse a man sat in another car. The man being abused keeps calm and films both the woman and the car she came from. 


After the woman returns to her car, the video suddenly cuts to the same scene moments later and shows an angry passer-by pulling the woman out of her car. According to the man filming, the passer-by witnessed the whole scene and told the man being abused “you’re clearly not a man, if that had had been me I would’ve hit her.” Immediately after this exchange the woman in the diplomatic car allegedly began shouting at the passer-by, screaming: “What’s this got to do with you, are you brain dead?” The passer-by then approaches the diplomatic car and attempts to pull the woman out.



As soon as the passer-by gets involved, the driver of the diplomatic car, David Storne, the Head of Consular Affairs at the Luxembourg Consulate Shanghai, gets out of the car to defend his irate girlfriend. As the confrontation progresses, Storne, 31, threatens to “fuck up” the passer-by, while his girlfriend continues to incense the man with a tirade of foul language.


In response to the viral video, the Luxembourg Consulate issued a carefully worded, borderline sarcastic response to the video in which they state: “The Luxembourg Consulate General in Shanghai regrets that the posting on social media of a video of a verbal quarrel on the road involving one consular attaché hurt the feelings of many Chinese netizens.”


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According to the man who filmed the video, identified only by his Weibo handle @TangVision, the woman began her tirade of abuse after both cars attempted to drive down a narrow road and came to an impasse. He claims that the abuse continued for 5-6 minutes but only began filming towards the end of the confrontation after the woman began using more and more profane language.


Apparently @TangVision attempted to translate the initial conversation between the woman and himself to Storne, but the woman “tried to block any communication between the two of us.” In his Weibo post @TangVision states that Storne didn’t do anything wrong, but that his girlfriend behaved “poorly” before writing: “If the boyfriend had understood what his girlfriend was saying in Shanghainese Im not sure whether or not he would’ve protected her.”


The Consulate General has said it’s launched an investigation into the matter “to find out the whole truth about what happened that night.”


Watch the video here:

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