Published June 06, 2017

Men Throw Donkey Into Tiger Enclosure, Horrifying Zoogoers

By Ben Cost

From douchebags throwing stones at kangaroos to old ladies ripping the hair from camels to save money on fur coats, we've seen some bizarre instances of animal abuse in China lately.  However, none hold a candle to a recent incident in Changzhou where a group of men collapsed the gap between Colosseum blood sport and animal feeding after they threw a live donkey into a tiger enclosure at the local zoo. The giant cats immediately set upon the hapless creature, mauling it for an agonizing half an hour before it perished from its wounds. 


According to SCMP, "the men, wearing red raincoats, drove up to the enclosure with a truck, pushed the donkey in and then tried to throw a goat in too, but were stopped by visitors and security staff."




The ghastly incident was reportedly the result of a spat between a shareholder and the zoo.  The shareholder had apparently decided to make like the bad guy from every Jurassic Park movie ever and order some cronies to take the donkey and several other animals outside the zoo and sell them. When security staff intervened, they did the reasonable thing and FED THE DONKEY TO THE TIGERS. Yeah, we wouldn't be surprised if they tried to extort the zoo owner afterward by leaving the animal's head in his bed.......


Naturally, netizens were horrified one saying "The donkey screamed miserably when it was pushed down. What has a donkey to do with humans’ problems?” Another added, "From this kind of action, [I] cannot see their care towards animals. How they can set up a zoo?”


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