Published April 05, 2017

Mysterious Whirlwind Rips Through Cemetery During Tomb Sweeping Festival

By Dan Entwistle


Residents of Heilongjiang were left stunned on Tuesday when a 50-meter high whirlwind suddenly appeared in the middle of a graveyard during Tomb Sweeping proceedings


The whirlwind materialised in the middle of Heilongjiang’s Daqing graveyard during a rare blue-sky day and lasted for twenty minutes before disappearing again.



Video of the whirlwind shows remnants of burned offerings to people’s ancestors being swirled around and tossed up in the air while onlookers stand around dumbfounded.



Naturally the web is awash with superstitious Chinese citizens battling it out with others about what the whirlwind's appearance means. While many are claiming it’s a bad omen, others are making light of the situation, with Weibo user 清晨 –Sun P writing “I don’t see what’s strange here, it’s clearly the underworld’s delivery service coming to collect all the offerings.”



Similarly, Weibo user 董云飞爱唱歌 wrote: “Your ancestors came to collect the money themselves, burning it was clearly too slow.”


Unfortunately, some scientific boffins have put an end to all the speculation and superstition by claiming that the whirlwind was brought about due to a temperature difference on the ground. According to them, the difference in temperature between the site where offerings were burned and the surrounding cold ground resulted in a convection current that formed into the tornado you see in the video.


We prefer the underworld delivery explanation ourselves…


Watch the whirlwind here:

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