Published June 06, 2017

Racist Woman Caught Shouting "Go Back to China" at Chinese Staff

By Dan Entwistle


A video of a woman hurling racist abuse at Chinese staff members working in a Toronto-area store has gone viral across the globe.


In the video, a Caucasian woman in a wheelchair can be seen shouting at employees, telling them to “Go back to China!” after one of the staff members was seemingly unable to understand her order.


The video, which was filmed at Scarborough’s Chinese grocery store, Foody Mart on Friday night, then shows the woman berating an Asian passer-by, telling him: “this is Canada…if you’re going to work here it is the law to know English.” When helpful Chinese-speaking customers offer to help the woman, she refuses, instead continuing to berate the staffers.


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Interestingly, contrary to the woman’s bigoted statement, Canada’s Official Languages Act only requires employees at certain federal institutions to speak English or French, private businesses are exempt.


According to Frank Hong, the teenager who filmed and sent SHEX the video, “The lady went up to the counter and asked if anyone knew how to speak English. See didn't even ask for food at the beginning. I think she was looking for trouble.”


“I never thought I’d hear those words in real life but this just happened as I was trying to get some food at a Chinese specialty store,” wrote Hong on his Facebook page. “As Canadians we think we are safe from these disgusting attitudes and behaviours but we aren’t.”


The woman allegedly berated staff for over 20 minutes before leaving the store. According to Scarborough police, they have not received any complaints from the store about the woman’s behaviour and are not investigating the matter.


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