Published September 25, 2017

Rat Climbs Up Hot Pot Patron's Pant Leg

By Ben Cost

As Shanghaiers, we've seen rats do everything from fall from ceilings at Wagas to peruse the frozen foods section at Family Mart, but this is a new one to us. A man at a hot pot restaurant in Chongqing got more than he ordered after a rat crawled up his pant-leg mid-meal. 


After failing to rid himself of the freelance urologist, he decided to try and squeeze the rodent to death while it was inside his trousers -- an action encouraged by the restaurant's staff. Because clearly that's the rational thing to do when rodentia with razor sharp teeth is hanging out right next to your junk.




However, it appears the man succeeded at suffocating it with his bare hands as the video shows him dangling its apparently lifeless body from his hand (below) -- but not before he was allegedly bitten on the leg. Guess that's one way to remove a 'Splinter.'


Naturally, netizens sympathized with his plight with one commenting, "drop your pants and release the cat" and another adding "this is the reason why I like to wear skinny jeans."




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