Published May 27, 2017

SHEX Tries: A Fancy Shared Office Space

Spoiler alert: It was way better than we thought

By Dan Entwistle


For a long time now we’ve turned down invites to go and review coworking spaces in Shanghai because we never really saw the point in them. Then one-day last week, after the 600th pointless meeting with senior management at SHEX HQ, we decided to get out of the office and head over to WeWork’s latest shared coworking space instead of punching our boss in the dick.


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WeWork’s new location on Yunnan Nan Lu is home to 2,000 desks, 36 meeting rooms, large and small private office spaces, a rooftop basketball area, some of the comfiest sofas in Shanghai, and an unlimited amount of Boxing Cat beer. The staff are friendly and speak fluent English, the Wi-Fi and tech throughout the building is reliable and impressive and when we left after 12-hours the entire SHEX team were strongly considering shelling out ¥2,000 each to work there for the next month.


Shex Tries WeWork Shanghai 1.jpeg

Good work deserves a celebration


During our time at WeWork Yunnan Lu we were based on the 12th floor, in the building’s communal working area. If you pay for a hot desk membership, this is where you’ll spend most of your time. The whole floor is modern and comfortable, like a new Starbucks without the smell of coffee, the jostling of other clients and the guy in the corner doing a “language exchange” with a Chinese girl he just met on TanTan. Despite the open space, it never got too loud, and the other businesses working there were really respectful of each other.


Shex Tries WeWork Shanghai 6.jpg

Team SHEX working at the Yunnan Nan Lu location's hotdesks


In terms of technology, there’s private wifi for WeWork members, and public wifi for guests. You can book meeting rooms right from your phone or computer and if you need to use the TVs in the meeting rooms for your presentation you can easily connect to them over the internet without the need for annoying dongles and adapters.


Shex Tries WeWork Shanghai 4.jpg

Fresh fruit-flavoured water prepared by the ayis several times a day


The space is constantly maintained by friendly ayis who are careful not to disturb you as they clean up, prepare fresh fruit and generally make sure that the space is as comfortable and clean to work in at the end of the day as it is at the start.


Shex Tries WeWork Shanghai 2.jpg

The office's communal space with meeting rooms on the left


If you’re a stickler for saving money, look at it this way – A Boxing Cat beer costs you ¥50+ a pint. If you have an unlimited amount available at WeWork’s offices you just have to drink 40 pints in a month to break even in beer costs alone. If you then consider that the office is open 24/7, that the cost of air-conditioning, internet and electric is included in the price and that there’s also unlimited free SeeSaw coffee you’ll soon see why it’s worth the money.


Shex Tries WeWork Shanghai 3.jpg

Unlimited beer!


If you’re getting tired of your current office space we really do recommend checking out WeWork. We only spent a day there but in that time the change of scenery, the chance to chat with other small business managers and the overall comfort of the space resulted in us churning out more work than we do in a normal day. Oh, and just to be clear, they’re not paying us to say any of this, it really is a great work space.


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