Published June 16, 2017

SHEX Tries: Ofo's New "Female-only" Bike

Introducing the new SHEX Host Rosie O DANnell

By Dan Entwistle


Late last week, Beijing bike sharing company Ofo, announced their latest bike - The Ofo Princess.


According to the company, the Princess is their first "female-only" bike and it's been designed to be "much lighter and easier to ride, even for women who wear dresses."



Now as you can imagine, there's been a pretty big backlash against the condescending way in which Ofo is marketing this bike. Seriously, calling it a Princess and saying it's easier for women to ride if they're wearing a dress...come on Ofo. Anyway, when we found the new Princess parked in front of our office yesterday we decided to give the bike a chance and give it an honest review. Unfortunately none of the SHEX editorial team are of the fairer sex so we had to give our freelancer, Rosie O DANnell a call and ask her to review it. 


Here's what she thought:

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