Published July 21, 2017

Two Dead, 55 Injured In Hangzhou Noodle Shop Explosion

By Ben Cost

Shocking footage has emerged of a blast in a noodle restaurant in Hangzhou last Friday that killed two people and left 55 injured. The starts with what looks like firemen putting out a fire, but then the storefront erupts into flame, causing onlookers to cry out and the camera to shake violently.


Flames then engulf the store, causing plumes of smoke to shoot into the air. According to Hangzhou's West Lake District, the fire has since been extinguished, but not before killing two people and injuring 55, all of whom are currently receiving treatment at a local hospital. 12 are in critical condition. 


Authorities are still investigating the cause, although such blasts are quite common throughout China due to less than stringent safety procedures. Updates to follow.


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