Published May 13, 2017

Viral Video Appears to Show Shanghai Skyscraper On Fire

Police have asked people to refrain from sharing fake news

By Dan Entwistle


A video currently making the rounds on Chinese social media that appears to show smoke billowing out of a Lujiazui skyscraper has been dubbed fake news by local police.


The video, which began to go viral yesterday afternoon shows what appears to be smoke streaming out of a seemingly damaged Shanghai World Financial Center. Although the video does not appear to have been doctored in anyway, Shanghai’s authorities are calling on the public to remain calm, claiming that the video is not as serious as it initially appears and that people should stop claiming that there's a fire in the building.


Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 13.16.16.jpg

The original police statement


In a statement released last night on Weibo Pudong’s police department wrote: #Refute rumours# There’s currently a video circulating online that shows smoke coming off the Shanghai World Financial Center. Lujiazui’s police have investigated and confirmed that it is simply some of the machinery in the building emitting steam and is absolutely not because of a fire in the building. Can people please stop spreading this fake news.


So next time one of your Chinese friends sends you this video, simply do a Donald and reply with this sticker.


Watch the video here

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