Published November 13, 2017

WATCH: Alibaba Billionaire Fights Asia's Best Kung fu Actors

By Dan Entwistle


Alibaba billionaire and tai chi enthusiast Jack Ma decided to splash his cash this weekend and treat the world to a bizzare short film featuring some of the world's best cinematic fighters.




Released earlier today, GSD (功守) sees tai chi practioner Jack Ma fall into a trance after walking up a mountain road named after a famous Kung-fu school named 华山派 (Huashan Pai). In his trance, Ma travels to 风伍堂 (Feng Wu Tang) where he punches through a basketball being used by movie stars Tony Jaa, Jacky Heung, Wu Jing, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, and professional boxer Zou Shi Ming. As you'd expect, the fighters get pissed with Ma and they start fighting him one by one.



Jack Ma spas with Donnie Yen's Ip Man


The short film also sees Ma spa with legendary fighters Donnie Yen - who reprises his role as Ip Man - and Jet Li. It also features cameos from Angelababy's husband 黄晓明 (Huang Xiaoming), Jason Statham, Manny Pacquiao, Triple G and more.




While the movie features an overly gratuitous sequence featuring Ma performing tai chi against ever-changing backgrounds and is unlikely to win any oscars, fans of Kung Fu movies will probably walk away from GSD with a smile on their face.



Watch a trailer for the short below:

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Watch the full video here

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