Published May 12, 2017

WATCH: Chinese Monk Pulls 17 Ton Bus With His Penis

Penis Power

By Jordan Harris


A monk in Guizhou, Guangdong Province was seen pulling a 17 ton bus with his.. penis. Somehow. A video of the stunt was uploaded to Chinese social media and unsurprisingly quickly went viral. The man, referred to as a kung fu master had attatched his ding dong to the bus by rope and proceeded to step backwards, allegedly pulling the bus with the strength of his penis.



The driver of the bus can be seen stood up to show he wasn't driving the vehicle, no passengers were present in the bus at the time of the stunt either.  


Many of those online are calling out the video to be fake, some suggesting that someone is hiding under the wheel to control the accelerator. Others are asking the obvious question that springs to mind after watching the clip: Why? Still it was pretty entertaining even if it was all just an act, and if it wasn't then holy s**t...


Watch him showcase his penis power here:

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