Published October 03, 2017

WATCH: Holy Shit! Insane Crowds Swarm Shanghai Disney

By Joe Buddha


A video released earlier today showing an insane amount of people queueing to get into Shanghai Disney will no doubt send parents scurrying under the covers every time their little ones singing Moana’s “How Far Will I Go” this holiday.


The video, shows an entirely new crowd management system being implemented in order to help the park deal with the huge number of guests looking to step foot in the mouse house this October holiday.


“Over the past few days the number of customers visiting the park has increased drastically,” says a policeman in the video. “Usually Disney gets around 30,000 customers per day but today we believe that number has exceeded 60,000. In order to help the park manage the number of guests, all police from the local station are on duty today, with the earliest arriving at 7am.


Earlier this year, Disney announced that the entire Shanghai Disney Resort had managed to break even in just under a year, an incredible achievement no doubt helped by vast crowds like today’s.


Watch video:

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