Published September 20, 2017

WATCH: Inside SHEX's Favourite Two Michelin Star Restaurant

By Dan Entwistle


Earlier today the boffins over at Michelin reached out to us lowly mortals and handed us a little red book full of information about which of Shanghai’s restaurants they deem to be the best. While we can’t say we agree with many of their decisions, one choice you won’t find us complaining about is Imperial Treasure. Here’s why it might just be our favourite Two Michelin Star restaurant in the world.


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Occupying the top floor of a creepily quiet shopping mall across from the Peninsula Hotel, Imperial Treasure can be an off-putting spot for those looking to enjoy a relaxing dim sum lunch.


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As you walk into the restaurant’s reception area you’ll be confronted with polished stone surfaces, a long waiting list, and a table full of awards, including two plaques denoting the restaurant’s two years in the exclusive two Michelin star club. Don’t let that intimidate you though, once you get past the ostentatious décor and into the more relaxed dining area you’ll be able to enjoy some of the best dim sum in Shanghai.


Unlike many Michelin restaurants across the world, eating at Imperial Treasure isn’t an experience that will break the bank. For around ¥180 per person you can enjoy a wide selection of expertly roasted meats, delicious Cantonese classics and an unlimited amount of tea.




As you’d expect with a Michelin restaurant, service at Imperial Treasure is spot on. During our last trip we even overheard a manager double-checking with our waiter to see if we could read the Chinese on the dim sum menu. Throughout the meal, staff will regularly come up to your table to swap out bone-covered plates, fill up your glass and check that everything is running smoothly.




On the food front, we’d recommend visiting for lunch when the full dim sum menu is available. Make sure to order the roast pigeon, ha gow (虾饺), steamed and baked cha siu bao (叉烧包), steamed rice rolls with shrimp (虾肠粉) and bbq pork (叉烧肠粉). If you’re looking for some veggies, try the stewed eggplant.


Find it: Find it: L4 Rockbund, 99 Beijing Dong Lu (北京东路99号益丰, 外滩源4)


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