Published October 22, 2017

WATCH: Little Boy Gets Trapped Inside Claw Machine

By Tom Miller


A small kid in Fuzhou managed to send his granddad as well as a number of staff at a local Walmart into a panic after he disappeared and was found INSIDE a toy claw machine.



According to Beijing News, the boy crawled into the machine while his grandfather was paying for their shopping. The grandfather was surprised when he realised his grandchild had gone missing. An eagle eyed eyewitness, Mr Guo, told Beijing News, “Then, he (the grandfather) saw the child's head among the toys in the claw machine. He immediately went to find workers at the supermarket to save the child."



Mr Guo said the rescuers were scared that there wasn't enough oxygen inside the claw machine, so they decided to break the class screen in order to reach the boy. In order not to hurt the child, workers apparently put adhesive tape on the glass before pulling it towards them from the outside.


A spokesperson for the store said they were investigating the case and that they have temporarily discontinued the operation of all claw machines on the premises pending further notice.

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