Published November 17, 2017

WATCH: Pudong Airport Suddenly Fills With Smoke

By Dan Entwistle


Passengers at Pudong airport took to Weibo last night to report that the entirety of Terminal 2 was filled a toxic-smelling smoke.



At around 1800 on Thursday night images and videos began flooding Weibo showing passengers at Pudong airport calmly waiting to check-in and go through security while completely surrounded by smoke.





While seemingly unconcerned by the smoke, Weibo users were complaining that the fumes had an “acrid smell” to them.




According to a statement released by Pudong Airport, at 1800 last night one of the electric carts used for shuttling people around the terminal was charging near gate 71 when all of a sudden it burst into flames. The statement claims that staff reacted quickly, taking care of the situation and that the airport maintained normal operations throughout. They also confirmed that the electric cart is still working perfectly well.


Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 12.52.02.jpg

Weibo user 坐飞机的舒ke's amazed reaction to Pudong Airport's statement.


Passengers in the terminal at the time of the incident have reacted strongly to Pudong Airport's statement, with one writing: "what kind of electric car could fill an entire terminal with smoke and still be in working condition, what brand was it?"


Watch footage from inside the airport below:



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