Published September 14, 2017

WATCH: Shenzhen Mad Scientist Installs Headphone Jack in iPhone7

The ginger genius is back again!

By Dan Entwistle


While Apple has once again jumped into the spotlight with their iPhone 8 and iPhone X announcement, a mad scientist in Shenzhen has also been making headlines with his most recent video, which shows him installing a headphone jack into an iPhone 7.


Scotty Allen, a Silicon Valley software engineer wowed YouTubers earlier this year when he released a video of him building his own iPhone made from parts he picked up from around Shenzhen’s world famous Huaqiangbei markets. This week he’s returned to wow the world again.


In the video, Scotty tells viewers that he wanted to buy a new iPhone 7 to shoot better quality videos but was annoyed by the fact it didn’t have a headphone jack. Instead of taking to a forum to complain about it, he did what any crazy engineer would do, he thought “why don’t I add my own headphone jack? How hard could it be?”


Spoiler alert: after hundreds of dollars in broken parts, several months of engineering custom circuit boards and a huge amount of frustration, Scotty succeeded!


Even if you’re not interested in tech, Scotty’s enthusiasm and simplified explanations make this fascinating video easy to watch. Check it out below.


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