Published November 09, 2017

WATCH: Trump’s Granddaughter Busts Out Mad Chinese Skillz for Xi

By Joe Buddha


US President Trump landed in Beijing yesterday to meet President Xi as part of his 11 day tour around Asia. While many are hoping the trip will strengthen relations between the two nations, true China watchers have been holding their breath in anticipation of Trump’s granddaughter Arabella dropping yet another track off her Chinese culture tribute album, and damn did she deliver.


Released last night, Arabella’s latest performance was first shown to President Xi by The Donald as they quaffed tea in the Forbidden City. Arabella started out by dedicating her performance to Grandad Xi and Grandma Peng, showing that even at 6 years old she’s already able to throw out international negs with the best of them.



Arabella Kushner meeting Xi and Peng earlier this year in the US


In the video Arabella can be seen performing the Three Character Classic poem that she first recited to Xi and Peng in person during their State visit to the US earlier this year.


Critics are giving Arabella rave reviews, with The President of China himself giving her Mandarin an incredible “A+”. According to state media, President Xi went on to say that Arabella has become a star in China before telling Trump that he hoped she could visit China at some point soon.


It’s unsure yet whether President Xi’s daughter will perform a cover of Kid Rock’s American Bad Ass in order to further strengthen relationship between the two nations.


Watch Arabella's Performance here:

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