Published July 21, 2017

WATCH: Xuzhou Stoplight Bursts Into Flame As Mercury Hits 35

By Ben Cost

A traffic light in Xuzhou spontaneously combusted amidst a ferocious that scorched the city after continuous torrential least according to the following Pear Video. Though we half-suspect it simply decided to self-immolate after having to put up with millions of crappy drivers running it while it was red.


The video shows the light blazing like a Great Wall beacon tower while its fellow signals continue to function normally. Passengers were a bit unnerved by the bits of flaming shrapnel that dropped from it onto the expressway, but fortunately no one was hurt. 


Xuzhou has been ravaged by a heat wave over the past week with temperatures reaching 35 degrees. And we have to say, the people of Shanghai are playing a very small violin for you Xuzhouers; the temperature shot up to a white-hot 40 degrees celsius today in the 'Hai with similar forecasts tomorrow.


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